VCS agronomy promoting the Ecorobotix spot sprayer at the British leafy Salads Association weeding demo day in June 2023. Here we have the spot sprayer delivered by Ecorobotix.

We have a 3 bed 6 metres unit that has 156 nozzles across 3 beds, each spaced 4 cm apart. 26 cm above crop height will spray a 6 cm x 6 cm pattern of spray at whatever rate you decide to apply.

We have tested between 200-400 litres per hectare ranging from 3.6k up to just over 7.5k (per hour).

It uses two camera units per bed unit and takes a series of pictures to build a mosaic and can determine exactly from an image when to spray rather than constant spray.

Weeding Demo Day UK | Oper8

At the front you have a seperate water tank and mix tank. In this current version we have 500 litres fresh clean water tank with a 200 litres mix tank fully seperated.

The demo day tool place in June 2023 at PDM Produce, Chadwell Park Farm in Newport.
Arranged by: The Weeding Demonstration Day arranged by the British Leafy Salads Association (BLSA)