On June 13th, the Oper8 Italian team attended “ENOVITIS IN CAMPO”

This is the only fair in Italy entirely dedicated to viticulture technologies. The event was held in Castel San Pietro close to Bologna. The core of the event is the demonstrations and trials carried out in realistic conditions, allowing visitors to evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the showcased machines and practices.

Showing agronomic technologies in action at vineyard event

Attendees had the opportunity to see in action and verify the results of the most modern technologies, materials, and equipment used in all agronomic operations, including vineyard planting, plant protection and nutrition, weeding, soil management, canopy management, harvesting, specialized tractors, irrigation, biomass management and recovery, and control and detection systems for precision viticulture.

2024-07 Demo event in Castel San Pietro, Bologna | Oper8
2024-07 Demo event in Castel San Pietro, Bologna | Oper8

Informing about Oper8

On this occasion, we had a stand where we disseminated information about the Oper8 project, expanded our network, and maintained contact with companies such as Dondi Spa, Nobili, and Arvatec. These companies demonstrated, live in the field, the practices evaluated through our Oper8 activities.