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The establishment of a strong European network

The operational groups involved are farming organisations, applied researchers and academic institutions across Europe. Our main objective is to communicate alternative weed control solutions of each operational group to key stakeholders through networks across the EU.

About us

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Involving 8 ’operational groups’ across 7 countries

With the ambition to achieve a high impact and improve the sustainability of the European agricultural sector, Oper8 will bring together 8 operational groups from 7 countries from the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Nordic areas to ensure a balanced representation of different production systems.

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Dive into the world of Oper8 through our comprehensive Knowledge Bank! Here, we’ve meticulously gathered everything you need to know about the Oper8 project. From in-depth information, insightful updates, to a rich collection of images, videos, and logotypes – it’s all here.


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Project Coordinator

Dr. Spyros Fountas
Agricultural University of Athens

Project Manager

Olga Kriezi
Agricultural University of Athens

Communication Manager

Charlotta Wångdahl

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