A highly relevant meeting recently took place in the framework of the Life Silfore project at the USC Terra Campus of the Superior Polytechnic School of Engineering (EPSE). The international initiative presented several possibilities for intervention in actions to improve the resilience of forests to climate change, through tests that include the introduction of fauna and flora species for the regeneration of forests. Managed by the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development (Neiker), the intervention is integrated in several regions, namely Galicia. The project has financing close to 2.6 million euros and extends until 2027.

At this meeting, the actual progress of and work to be carried out within the Silfore project were considered by the research team in its attempt to make it clear that every action must be in line with the principles of sustainability regarding forest management and the integration of innovative ecological practices.

Highlighted within these discussions were the ways in which a project can go about creating demonstration sites that would be aligned across Portugal, Galicia, Asturias, and the Basque Country of diverse ecological and socio-economic zones.

2024-04 Life Silfore project in Spain | Oper8

In addition to the major event at Silfore’s premises, the EPSE team conducted a dissemination activity to make the participants aware of the Oper8 project: its goals and the activities that are planned in order to realize this project, based on advanced technologies adopted to sustain agricultural practices.

Detailed information and updates were requested from the participants on the project’s official website: https://www.oper-8.eu/.

2024-04 Life Silfore project in Spain | Oper8

The activity underlines EPSE’s commitment to establishing collaboration and sharing knowledge among stakeholders, while helping Silfore and Oper8 projects, respectively, to move the agenda forward for sustainability and resilience in agriculture and forestry.