News from Italy: On May 27th, Lorenzo Gagliardi of the Oper8 UNIPI team attended the demo farm event titled “Zürn Top Cut Collect, rethink the control of weeds”, held in Lendinara, near Rovigo,” organized as part of the Center’s activities National Agricultural Technologies – @Agritech Center- Spoke 4: Multifunctional and Resilient Agriculture and Forestry Systems for the Mitigation of Climate Change Risks.

Throughout the day, the AGRITECH project was described and provided an in-depth look at the Top Cut Collect weed harvester, demonstrating its capabilities in action. Top Cut Collect is an advanced tool designed for the efficient collection of weed seeds present in wheat fields, aimed at depleting the soil seed bank.

At the event, Lorenzo Gagliardi introduced the Oper8 project to stakeholders, encouraging dialogue and disseminating information regarding the initiatives within the Italian network

Event in Rovigo IT | Oper8