News from Italy: On May 30th, Lorenzo Gagliardi from the Oper8 UNIPI team attended the dissemination event titled “Organic Agriculture in Maremma Toscana, Italy. Innovations in Weed Management,” held in Albinia in southern Tuscany at La Selva farm.

During the event, the IPM Works and Oper8 projects were presented, and machines for weed control were showcased.

Among the machines presented were a Cavalletti weeder machine for tomato crops, the LyckeGård CombCut, a tool that controls weeds by removing their flowers suitable for cereal crops, grasslands, and open-field horticultural crops, and an Alpego hoeing machine for under-row weed control in vineyards.

Event in Maremma Italy | Oper8

During the event, Lorenzo Gagliardi promoted the Oper8 project and described the demo events held within the project in 2023, discussing it with the stakeholders present. He also spreaded information about activities within the Italian network.