This dissemination and innovation transfer event was organized within the scope of two European projects: IPMWORKS (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – SSSUP) and Oper8 (Center for Agro-environmental Research “Enrico Avanzi” – CiRAA) in December 2023.

These are participatory projects with the ambition of bringing farmers together to find alternative solutions with the goal of reducing the use of pesticides and herbicides by 50% by 2030. During the event, experiences of local farmers were presented, along with innovations studied by CiRAA and SSSUP as part of another European project called IWMpraise, focusing on the same theme but with an operational approach (a project that has now concluded).

The recorded online seminar is in Italian language.

The dissemination event was held at CiRAA featuring experiences in integrated weed management in arable lands from farmers and research centers in Pisa and Veneto region.

Specifically, in the first part, presentations were given on the active projects IPMWORKS and OPER8, along with reports on the IWMpraise project, concluded in 2022.

The second part involved an interactive roundtable with surveys and questions from both the in-person and remote audience. This was coordinated by the presence of an organic and a conventional farmer representative.

Italian event in Dec. 2023 | Oper8

The significant presence of the audience, both on-site and online, underscored the importance of the topic and affirmed the commitment to increasingly close collaboration between technicians, farmers, and researchers for the sustainable development of European agriculture.

Italian event 2023 < Oper8