The second twice-yearly webinar on alternative weed control gave a deep insight into cover crops use for vineyards, field vegetables, arable crops and fruit trees.

Speakers from research communities, and consulting and technical institutes provided technical information on cover crop implementation challenges and requirements. Management issues throughout the year, impact on weed reduction, and additional benefits on the soil fertility, biodiversity, and climate change were covered.

Participants from all Europe

Over 100 people from all Europe attended this online event and several target groups such as farmers, research community, advisors, public and private value chain companies were represented.

The webinar has been recorded and is now available on Youtube.

We thank all speakers for their participations in the webinar.

See below program on the webinar that was held in October 2023:

Program and speakers for this webinar:

Needs, gaps and barriers; use of cover crops across Europe
Eleanor Dearlove, Integrated Pest Management Consultant – ADAS Sustainable Agricultural Systems – ADAS Gleadthorpe, United Kingdom

Agronomic strategies for the introduction of cover crops in arable and field vegetable cropping systems
Daniele Antichi, Associate Professor in Agronomy and Crop Sciences – Centre for Agri-environmental Research “Enrico Avanzi” – University of Pisa, Italy

The role of cover crop diversity and complementarity on weed management and ecosystem services in perennial crops (Olive, citrus, apple trees)
Ilias Travlos, Associate Professor – Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

Agronomic strategies for the introduction of cover crops into winegrowing systems (Vineyard)
Laure Gontier, Project manager in Agronomy and Soil management – French Wine and Vine Institute IFV, France

Machines for cover crop management (All crops)
Christian Frasconi, Associate Professor in Farm machinery and Farm mechanization – Center for Agri-environmental Research “Enrico Avanzi” – University of Pisa, Italy

Practical experiences and innovation in progress on the use of cover crops in the North-East of Italy (Vegetables, vineyard, corn, soybean)
Cristina Micheloni, Senior researcher in Vinidea and President of AIAB FVG, Italy

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