With herbicide resistance, a lack of new active ingredients and legislation reducing the number of available herbicide actives, growers in the UK and beyond are being pushed towards biological and cultural methods of weed control. To improve grower confidence in alternative weed control strategies, a H2021 European project called Oper 8 will share guidance and advice on alternative methods which are proven to be effective on farm against key weeds.

A new EU-wide network has been launched to support and promote solutions for alternative weed control. OPER8 is a three-year H2021 European project led by the Agricultural University of Athens and supported by eight partner organisations from seven countries. The overall objective is to communicate, demonstrate and promote alternative weed control solutions to key stakeholders through networks across the EU.

The Oper8 project builds upon the findings from eight European Innovation Projects, of which ADAS were involved in two, which investigated alternative weed control methods across Europe. To ensure the needs of British farmers are addressed, Oper8 is asking farmers, advisors and agricultural researchers to complete a short survey on their opinions and usage of alternative weed control.

Lynn Tatnell, principal weed research scientist at RSK ADAS, said ‘Grower insight is pivotal for the project to be successful. Their feedback and experience will help develop National Action Plans and future alternative weed technology that align with the growers needs to produce competitive crops with reduced availability of active substances.

The surveys has ended!
We will present the result soon.