In the heart of Nemea region in Greece, renowned for its wine production, an innovative demonstration event unfolded, shedding light on alternative weed control practices.

The demonstration was led by Ilias S. Travlos, Associate Professor of Agronomy & Weed Science at the Agricultural University of Athens, and the National Network Operator of the Greek National Network under Oper-8, the event brought together farmers, students, agronomists, researchers, and advisors with a common goal – to evaluate and demonstrate sustainable weed management methods.

The captured video offers a detailed exploration of innovative practices for effective weed management.

These include leveraging diverse cover crops to suppress weed growth, applying pelargonic acid as a physical bioherbicide, and employing the groundbreaking foam stream – hot foam technique.

Demo event Greece | Oper8
Demo event Greece | Oper8

The demonstration event successfully achieved its goals, fostering engagement with environmentally sustainable weed control practices.

The knowledge exchange highlighted the significance of collective efforts in promoting sustainable agriculture.

Events of this nature play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of farming and adopting alternative weed control methods.

We invite you to join us in this insightful exploration of diverse methods aimed at achieving effective and sustainable weed control in modern agricultural practices.

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See the video from the demonstration event in Greece.