We proudly announce the launch of Oper8 Inventory digital platform, offering a rich inventory of resources dedicated to alternative weed control methods.

The platform meticulously organizes content under the five pillars of the Integrated Weed Management framework, as established by the EU-H2020 IWMPRAISE project:

  • Direct control
  • Field and soil management
  • Cultivar choice and crop establishment
  • Diverse cropping system
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Oper8 Digital Platform serves as the ultimate gateway to informed weed control, catering to the diverse needs of researchers, farmers, agricultural professionals, and weed control enthusiasts.

  • Oper8 Inventory
  • Oper8 Inventory
  • Oper8 Inventory

“In the vision of Oper8, a world unfolds where weed control surpasses simple effectiveness, embracing environmental friendliness and economic viability.

Through the innovative Oper8 Inventory on alternative weed control methods, we aspire to cultivate a future where farmers, researchers, and industry professionals unite to combat weeds, enhance crop yields, and safeguard our planet’s precious resources in harmonious collaboration.” says Olga Kriezi, Oper8 Project leader from Agriculture University of Athens.

Olga Kreizi - AUA

Explore global insights with Oper8 Inventory’s interactive map!

Unleash the power of knowledge in weed control with the interactive map! Our user-friendly tool empowers you to delve into global weed control data effortlessly.

Key Features: Weed control data at your fingertips: With just a few clicks, navigate through the wealth of information, including papers, projects, and patents, meticulously organized under each pillar of Integrated Weed Management.

Visualize Knowledge Worldwide: Our map provides a dynamic visual representation of the abundance of insights within the Oper8 Inventory platform. See the global impact of weed control efforts at a glance.

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