We focused on the CONTECAD project in Galicia, which was funded by grants from EIP-AGRI and FEADER in the Galicia RDP 2014-2020. CONTECAD undertook a regional project to verify if the use of essential oils as natural herbicides was effective in horticultural crops in Galicia. The project involved creating a unique formulation to test the compatibility of these oils with conventional insecticides in crop protection. Additionally, application protocols were established to define technical specifications such as dosage, compatibility with insecticides, application conditions, and specific requirements for predominant weed species, primarily for use in organic agriculture.

Join us as we uncovered CONTECAD’s pioneering initiatives in transforming weed control techniques and promoting sustainable agriculture in Galicia, guided by Antonio Rigueiro Rodríguez. Professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela, full member of the Royal Galician Academy of Sciences (RAGC), president of the Forest Association of Galicia, and one of the leading researchers involved in the CONTECAD project.