A demonstration event took place in Kiato, Greece, gathering stakeholders from various sectors including farmers, researchers, agronomists, students, and industry representatives. The focus was on showcasing the innovative technology of spraying drones, which are being actively tested for their potential in safe and advantageous agricultural applications.

Helenos Konstantinos Grivakis, who works as a research associate at Agricultural University of Athens, led the demonstration, presenting the technology and engaging with stakeholders to explore its possibilities, parameters, and benefits as an alternative weed control solution. A live demonstration of the spraying drones in operation, coupled with discussions on their usage specifics, was arranged as part of the event. The captured video offers a detailed exploration of the innovative nature of spraying drones.

The demonstration event successfully met its objectives by encouraging engagement in alternative weed control practices. It underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing sustainable agriculture and highlighted the significance of events like these in shaping the future of farming and the adoption of alternative weed control methods.

We invite you to delve into this enlightening exploration of diverse methods aimed at achieving effective and sustainable weed control in modern agricultural practices. For further insights, watch the attached video showcasing the event in Kiato, Greece, and the innovative technology of spraying drones.